Azure Machine Learning

If you are a beginner and want to master Azure ML, you have chosen the right article !

Microsoft has produced a lot of courses that include Azure ML but also good practices to become a good Data Scientist.

You can consult them in by clicking Here 

What do I need to get started on Azure ML?

An Azure subscription, don’t worry you can test Azure for free for one month just sign up Here (or just create a free trial account Here ).
Once registered, visit  this link:

Do I need to be a Data Scientist to use Azure ML?

Not all ! For the simple reason that Azure ML was designed to be simple and easy to use while integrating predefined algorithms like ACP, Regression …etc

What labs do I have to do to practice?

Microsoft has developed a set of Workshops that you can download Here

What languages could I use?

Both of R and Python are supported !

Can I develop my own algorithms?

Of course it is possible to deploy your own algorithms, and you can also use the predefined algorithms that Azure ML offer HERE



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