Azure Service Management Vs Azure Resource Group

One of the biggest difference in Azure is certainly the difference between the Azure Service  Management (ASM) and the Azure Resource Manager  (ARM)  APIs.In this post i will highlight those differences to have a better idea about the ASM and ARM APIs.

Basically these are two completely different platforms.In ASM it was pretty difficult to manage and understand how the resources are binded and we had to make a note about which resources are linked together.ARM basically deploys all the resource under a resource group making it easy for user to understand about all the resource linked together. Such as storage, VNET, NIC and all other resources are shown under Resource group.

The major differences are mentioned in the table below :

of course in addition to those differences ARM comes with those benefits:

  • Deploy, manage and monitor Azure resources as a group
  • Deploy resources repeatedly
  • Supports creating templates. Templates can be created to include a set of resources to be deployed as part of a cloud solution
  • Allows you to define dependencies between resources so they are deployed in the correct order
  • Ability to specify “tags” to resources for programmatic purposes


For more details please refer :


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